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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(pc) Solid Sheets


【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】



230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230-280mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180-230mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30-80mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80-130mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【130-180mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【280-450mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【160mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【50mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【100mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【250mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【150mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【200mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【300mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【350mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【400mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【210mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【40mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【450mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【60mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【120mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet

The difference between special anti-smash explosion-proof glass and ordinary traditional bullet-proof glass【Material Science】

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet has the reputation of "visible armor" and "transparent armor" due to its excellent physical properties and very strong mechanical properties!

Today, I would like to introduce and analyze a new anti-explosive transparent material, which is a new product of special anti-explosive glass that breaks through lightweight, and is a protective glass of military protection level. The main differences from ordinary traditional bulletproof and anti-explosive glass are as follows:

1. Optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet special bullet-proof glass is integrally cast and formed, with a maximum thickness of 450 mm; traditional ordinary bullet-proof glass is multi-layer inorganic silicate glass bonded with film, and the thickness is limited.

2. The optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet of the same thickness The special bulletproof glass can be more than double the weight of the traditional ordinary bulletproof glass, and the weight is only 46% of the traditional ordinary bulletproof glass of the same thickness, which fundamentally solves the problem of ordinary bulletproof glass. The traditional bulletproof glass has its own defects of huge weight. Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet special bulletproof glass has achieved extremely excellent lightweight and weight reduction effect, which is a major progress and breakthrough in the field of bulletproof glass materials.

3. Pam's special bulletproof glass can resist explosion, no splash, no penetration, and no fragmentation; ordinary traditional bulletproof glass will appear spider web pattern when a bullet is fired, which will shatter and affect the transparency.

4. The thicker the ordinary traditional bulletproof glass, the lower the light transmittance, the emerald green background is serious, and the visual angle appears, and the bulletproof glass is a composite material, and there will be optical distortion. The more serious the declination is. Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet does not have this situation. The thickness of 200 mm can clearly read newspapers and scan QR codes. It is an optical grade special transparent material.

5. Ordinary traditional bulletproof glass is not resistant to explosion, smash, or impact; optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is resistant to explosion and detonation impact, and its strong detonation impact resistance can even be used in the entire window frame. In the case of being lifted off, the Pam plate can still remain intact, which bulletproof does not have. Bulletproof glass does not have the ability to resist smashing and impact, but optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet can, and can resist any 16-pound (7.5kg) hammer without breaking.

6. Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is currently the best single bulletproof and anti-explosive glass.

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Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet has the reputation of "visible armor" and "transparent armor" due to its excellent physical properties and very strong mechanical properties!