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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(pc) Solid Sheets


【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】



230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230-280mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180-230mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30-80mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80-130mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【130-180mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【280-450mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【160mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【50mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【100mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【250mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【150mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【200mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【300mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【350mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【400mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【210mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【40mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【450mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【60mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【120mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet

Special military protective glass anti-smashing explosion-proof transparent material [authoritative release]

Optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet transparent bulletproof glass, optically transparent, ultra-high strength and toughness, anti-explosion, smash-resistant and impact-resistant, extremely impact-resistant, is currently a relatively high-grade special protective transparent material glass.

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is an optically transparent ultra-high-strength special transparent sheet. The material is an ultra-high polymer amorphous polymer, which has extremely excellent physical and mechanical properties. Different from general bulletproof glass and other transparent materials, Pam board has almost all-round overwhelming advantages, optical transparency, ultra-high strength and toughness, anti-explosion , Anti-smashing and impact-resistant, extremely impact-resistant, easy to CNC machining, is currently an ideal high-grade special protective transparent material glass.

The common bulletproof glass on the market is made of several layers of glass, with a common thickness of 20mm, 36mm, etc., and the weight is relatively heavy. In the actual use process, as long as the shot is fired once, the board will shatter into a reticulated opaque shape. Very fragile. There is also a common common bulletproof glass that uses a layer of brittle material glass and a layer of tough material, or three or more layers of materials, which are laminated and bonded. Small pieces.

What I want to introduce to you now is that the optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet bulletproof plate is different from traditional bulletproof and anti-explosive materials. The optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is integrally formed and can be made into a thickness of 40 mm and 50 mm. , 60mm thickness, etc., thickness can be customized, not laminate. Anti-explosion, no penetration, no splash, no cracking, no reticulation, no impact on the overall transparency of the material, and no impact on the secondary continued use of the material. The mechanical properties and physical properties of the test piece have no obvious change, and it is a real anti-explosion and unbroken "glass".

Physical properties: 90% optical transparency, V0 level flame retardant, anti-explosion (1200g TNT), no penetration, no cracking, no silver streak, no radial "spider web cracks" that block the line of sight, maximum thickness 450MM mm Grade (military common thickness is 35-85MM), the weight is 47% of the same traditional bulletproof glass, resistant to armed violent attacks, military-grade high-energy protection (in line with the military standard test V50 value is greater than 710m/s, the back bullet height is 0, better than the international Standard), reliable resistance to thermal weapons (dynamite, grenades, bombs, explosives, etc.)

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is currently the best single bullet-proof and anti-explosive glass.

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Optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet transparent bulletproof glass, optically transparent, ultra-high strength and toughness, anti-explosion, smash-resistant and impact-resistant, extremely impact-resistant, is currently a relatively high-grade special protective transparent material glass.