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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(pc) Solid Sheets


【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】



230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230-280mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180-230mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30-80mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80-130mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【130-180mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【280-450mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【160mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【50mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【100mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【250mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【150mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【200mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【300mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【350mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【400mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【210mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【40mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【450mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【60mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【120mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet

Professional explosion-proof and anti-explosion special transparent protective material【Material Science】

Strength, toughness and thickness are the three prerequisites for anti-explosive transparent materials at present!

Anti-explosive grade optical grade transparent special polycarbonate sheet, a transparent material with extremely excellent physical and mechanical properties, according to its unique material properties, optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet should be the best transparent material at present. Military grade special anti-explosive transparent material.

The reason why the optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is a high-grade special industrial transparent material is that it not only meets one material characteristic, such as high transparency or large thickness, which can meet the working conditions of most high-end users, but its Almost all properties including mechanical properties, physical properties, and easy processing properties are significantly better than the ordinary transparent materials currently on the market.

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet has good application and performance in special industrial applications with explosion resistance and impact resistance requirements. Because the optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is the only special transparent material with comprehensive mechanical properties close to metal in transparent materials, it has excellent ultra-high strength and toughness, and its anti-explosion performance should be very good in transparent materials. .

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is an excellent anti-explosion transparent material. According to different anti-explosive grade requirements, optical grade transparent Pam sheet can provide high-strength and tough transparent sheet with thickness of 30mm to 450mm. The design and manufacture of anti-explosive equipment is a relatively professional industrial category. The thickness of anti-explosive protective materials is the basic condition, and the thickness of use is directly related to a variety of factors, mainly according to the user's design, specific requirements, explosion distance, application conditions, Explosion environment (open or closed), explosion destructive force is mainly explosion shock wave or explosion projectile, and the required material size, shape, fixing method, explosion force area, safety factor, etc., are all suitable for use with the selection. The thickness of the material is directly related to the actual application situation.

The optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet has passed the Hopkinson rod explosion test, the domestic military inspection V50 test, and the 35MM thick transparent Pam sheet has passed the TNT detonation test, and the material has no fragmentation, no penetration, no silver streak, The surface is slightly damaged, and the physical and mechanical properties of the specimen have no other significant changes. This is incomparable with other transparent materials at present, and has an absolute advantage. Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is a professional anti-explosion transparent protective material. In addition, the density of Pam board is low, the weight is only half of glass, and only one-seventh of steel plate.

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet is a special transparent material of ultra-high strength and toughness. It is the only special industrial transparent material whose mechanical properties are fully close to metal among transparent materials. The maximum thickness of the Pam board material is 450 mm, which is easy to CNC machine, which can meet the needs of most users, and the protection thickness can be customized.

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Strength, toughness and thickness are the three prerequisites for anti-explosive transparent materials at present!