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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(pc) Solid Sheets


【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】



230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230-280mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180-230mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30-80mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80-130mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【130-180mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【280-450mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【160mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【50mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【100mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【250mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【150mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【200mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【300mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【350mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【400mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【210mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【40mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【450mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【60mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【120mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate high-strength anti-smashing glass transparent material [authoritative release]

The optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet can resist heavy blows such as hammers, axes, hammers, and axes of 16 pounds and 7.5KG without breaking, cracking, silver streak, or spatter.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet transparent armor material is a high-strength anti-smashing glass transparent material. The glass introduced in this article is not a common brittle, fragile and heavy glass, but a tough, light-weight optical glass that will not be broken after heavy smashing High-grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet material, most users are often used to calling it glass for transparent materials.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet material This is a high-strength, impact-resistant transparent protective plate that can be used as lathes, machine tools, mechanical equipment, and non-standard equipment.

Anti-smashing, anti-shock, impact-resistant: Pam board can resist 16 pounds (7.5KG) hammers, axes, hammers, mountain axes and other tools without breaking, cracking, silver streaks, and splashes.

The optical-grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet material is smooth and transparent on both sides, with higher transparency than glass and less than half the weight of glass.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet, anti-smashing glass transparent sheet, usually has a thickness of 30 mm to 100 mm, and the thickness can be customized.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet materials are easy to process (cutting, punching, engraving, edging, polishing, drilling and boring, etc.).

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet is a kind of ultra-high-strength anti-smashing glass with the characteristics of high strength and toughness, high temperature resistance, anti-smashing and anti-collision, and high impact strength in transparent materials.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet special transparent material is also known as special transparent armor plate, Pam transparent steel plate. It is the only special industrial material whose mechanical properties are close to that of metal among transparent materials. Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of up to 450 mm can be provided according to different application requirements.

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The optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet can resist heavy blows such as hammers, axes, hammers, and axes of 16 pounds and 7.5KG without breaking, cracking, silver streak, or spatter.