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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(pc) Solid Sheets


【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】



230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230-280mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230-280mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180-230mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180-230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30-80mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30-80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80-130mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80-130mm thick polycarbonate sheet
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【130-180mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
130-180mm thick polycarbonate sheet
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【280-450mm】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
280-450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【160mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
160mm thick polycarbonate sheet
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【30mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
30mm thick polycarbonate sheet
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【50mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
50mm thick polycarbonate sheet
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【100mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
100mm thick polycarbonate sheet
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【250mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
250mm thick polycarbonate sheet
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【150mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
150mm thick polycarbonate sheet
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【200mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
200mm thick polycarbonate sheet
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【300mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
300mm thick polycarbonate sheet
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【230mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
230mm thick polycarbonate sheet
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【350mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
350mm thick polycarbonate sheet
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【400mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
400mm thick polycarbonate sheet
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【210mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
210mm thick polycarbonate sheet
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【40mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
40mm thick polycarbonate sheet
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【450mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
450mm thick polycarbonate sheet
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【60mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
60mm thick polycarbonate sheet
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【80mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
80mm thick polycarbonate sheet
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【120mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
120mm thick polycarbonate sheet
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet, 【180mm thick polycarbonate sheet】Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate(PC) Solid Sheets
180mm thick polycarbonate sheet

Special electrical insulation special transparent material for UHV power equipment [authoritative release]

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet is a special transparent material for electrical insulation for UHV power equipment.
Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet can withstand ultra-high voltage 5WV 10,000 volts, which is currently my country's world-class standard in ultra-high voltage power transmission. With excellent physical properties, mechanical properties and easy processing properties, it is a special industrial transparent material with excellent comprehensive properties in transparent materials.

The electrical insulation performance of polycarbonate is determined by its own high molecular amorphous polymer material. It is a high molecular transparent insulating material with excellent electrical performance. Its dielectric constant is 2.96, and its resistivity according to IEC 60093 standard is 2.17×10^16 , The dielectric strength is higher than 16.30KV/mm. The electrical resistance of polycarbonate sheet is significantly better than that of polyester and aromatic fiber insulation materials, especially in the field of high-end optical transparent insulation materials.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet has excellent heat and cold resistance properties, and can be used stably for a long time in a wide temperature environment from -60°C to 125°C, embrittlement temperature -130°C, heat distortion temperature 135°C-140°C .

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet ultra-high polymer insulation material, has good electrical insulation, optically pure high-definition high temperature and high temperature resistance, withstands high temperature of 130 degrees Celsius and ultra-low temperature of minus 120 degrees Celsius, wide temperature adaptability, can be used in complex complex Use in temperature environment, resist electrical aging, maintain stable electrical and mechanical properties.

Optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet has a minimum thickness of 30MM mm and a maximum thickness of 450MM. The thickness of commonly used materials is 30MM mm, 35MM mm, 40MM mm, etc. Good and easy processing (including cutting, drilling, polishing, drilling, turning, milling, boring, etc.), with high mechanical strength, is a high-end product of optical insulating boards and temperature-resistant materials.

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The electrical insulation performance of polycarbonate is determined by its own high molecular amorphous polymer material. It is a high molecular transparent insulating material with excellent electrical performance. Its dielectric constant is 2.96, and its resistivity according to IEC 60093 standard is 2.17×10^16 , The dielectric strength is higher than 16.30KV/mm.